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Video Conversation & Listening Comprehension Advance Level (Pri 5&6) 小学看录像说话 (5/6 年级)适用


This Video Conversation and Listening Comprehension Guidebook is suitable for Primary 5 and Primary 6 students. Guidebook includes an accompanying USB Card for Video and Audio recording files.

 Included within the guidebook consists of practices for:

  • 15 Video Conversation Practices (with accompanying video file and audio suggested response)
  • 15 Reading Passages (with Model Audio recording)
  • 5 Listening Comprehension Practices (with Audio recording)

The video conversation topics are based on expert's recommendation of commonly tested topics, professionally filmed to capture key-talking points to aid student's video discussion. The book includes a step by step thought process guide to train students' critical thinking skills in carefully examining the video, analysing the conversation topic, and express themselves with accompanying vocabulary to improve their conversational skill sets. 





五、 15篇朗读短文,选材多样化,由专业老师诵读,语音优美动听,让学生沉浸在美好的听觉感受中,感受语言的美,并规范语音,提高朗读技巧。

六、 5个听力测验,取材广泛,包括通告、对话、说明、介绍、生活小故事等。学生先听录音,然后回答问题。

ISBN - 9789811111419 

Number of Pages - 135

ISBN 9789811111419
No. of Pages - 135
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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