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Seller Courier Guide

OpenSchoolbag is now partnering more courier companies (by districts) for cheaper and more efficient local next-day delivery.

Shorter transit time and tracking with security!

Prices with Postage/ Delivery Excluded

Prices with Postage/ Delivery Included

If you are unable to send out the items, let us arrange the delivery for you.

You will not be charged as the courier charges are borne by customers.

Postage may be too high if your products are too heavy or expensive to send by normal post. It becomes more economical to go by courier.

*Especially applicable for books.*
Opt for courier when you have orders of 4 books or more.

You will be billed for each parcel arranged by us.

How to Arrange for Courier?

1. Once your parcel is packed, reply to the Order Notification email to inform us your parcel is ready.

2. We will reply you with a Waybill.

3. Print and affix the Waybill to the parcel. Normal A4 print paper is sufficient.

4. We will debit the courier charges from your sales proceeds on payment date.

The cut-off time for same day collection (next day delivery) is 12.30pm.
We can only process courier bookings during our regular hours: Mon - Fri, 10am -5pm

If an order is on courier and you do not come back to us courier arrangements, we shall deem that you will make your own arrangements to send out to customers.


Customers definitely do not want to receive damaged products. Quality packaging is key when it comes to preventing damages.

Please reinforce the packaging, especially at the corners. We encourage you to use waterproof packaging and bubble wrapping, if suitable.

Overseas Orders

If you see overseas addresses in your orders, please send to our office address for consolidation. We will take over the shipping procedures.


Free Shipping Above $X ?

Please help us update the eligibility of your free shipping service. 

How to:

Log in to your account > Account Settings > "Min. Order Amount to entitle Free Shipping"
Please note that this is the amount before our sales charge.
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