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Chou Sing Chu Foundation

Chou Sing Chu Foundation strives to produce quality Chinese publications for Singaporean children and adults.

Love Reading Collection is specially designed for the primary level students in Singapore, and its content has been appraised by the educational specialists in the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL). The collection has topped the POPULAR Bookstores’ Bestseller List since 2015, and in 2019 CSCF will continue with the 5th Series.

Practising Your Way to an A The Student’s Guide to Chinese Vocabulary is a series of guide books published under Sing Chu Education. Written specifically for primary school students in Singapore to help them systematically learn Chinese words of similar appearance or pronunciation.


这套是 “星衢教育系列下的第一套辅助教材。针对新加坡小学生而编写,帮助系统学习形、音相似或相同的字及构词。以中英双语解释常见部首及字义,标出字音与字形的不同之处,提供趣味辨字技巧,以及贴近本地生活的习题。参照新加坡教育部公布的小六会考华文科语文应用的试题格式,提供10份综合练习模拟题,有助考生熟悉题型,提升应考信心

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