Etutor Learning

E-COM group of companies include Chee Sze Poh Press, E-Com Digital, E-Com Education etc. E-COM companies have been actively involved in the Singapore educational sector for over 50 years. The Companies focus on developing and providing quality educational contents and resources (both printed and digital version), interactive online teaching and learning portal, learning aid devices as well as educational APPs. Our educational brand ZhiShiBao®, Etutor®, Success Publications® etc. have a good reputation, visibility, and influence in Singapore.

Our key products include HAO PENG YOU, ZHI SHI HUA BAO, ZHI SHI BAO / NEW FRIENDS, NEW WORLD, NEW EXPRESS printed magazines and synchronized animated E-Magazines; eZhishi teaching & Learning resources and platform; EtutorStar learning pen and series of voice-enhanced audio books, Success Publications series English and Mathematics assessment books and Etutor Learning series APPs.

艺通公司包括知识报社、艺通数码、艺通教育等公司,致力于新加坡教育事业超过50年。知识报©、Etutor©、Success Publications© 是超过20年的知名教育品牌。主要产品包括《好朋友》《知识画报》《知识报》《新朋友》《新天地》《新列车》印刷与同步动画电子刊物;《知识网》教学平台、EtutorStar学习笔及系列有声辅导书、Etutor系列学习产品、Success系列辅导书。