Young Scientists Reader

Young Scientists Reader Pte Ltd is established as an associate firm to the publishing firm Young Scientists Pte Ltd which produces the much-loved Young Scientists monthly magazine.

Young Scientists Reader aims to promote the learning of Science among school children using exciting and engaging methods because it is getting ever more challenging to attract the focus of the younger generation of children in order for them to learn and retain the necessary information to excel in their Science studies.

An innovative medium to deliver syllabus-based Science information that captivates the attention of school children is through the use of a comic-based magazine with stories and topics centred on a Lower Block or Upper Block Science subject. It is through the guiding principles of this medium that the Young Scientists magazine is borne.

Young Scientists Reader strives to continuously work towards improving and maintaining the quality of the content so that your child will enjoy and benefit from the Young Scientists magazine.


About the writer- Mrs Linda Anne Gwyneth Gan. 

Mrs Linda Gan was born and educated in the U.K. She holds a Master's degree in Child Development from the University of London and was an Assistant Professor in the Early Childhood and Special Needs Academic Group at the National Institute of Education for thirty years, training pre-school, primary and secondary school teachers.

During that time she has been engaged as an English language consultant for developing and coordinating  language arts curricula for the Ministry of Education - the Monolingual LEAP curriculum in 1985, the PAP Kindergarten syllabus in 1989, the MOE Kindergarten Framework in 2003 and most recently, in 2012, the new Social Studies Primary 4 materials, which are being introduced in schools in 2013.

She has published a number of research articles on bilingual education, literacy and phonoligcial awareness in young children and written a wide range of story and vocabulary enrichment books which promote children's  English language skills.