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5 Activities for Mummy and Daughter

Girls will be girls, of fun and co-creation that makes the best companions. That explains why some ladies prefer to have daughters? Spot mummy-daughter suits, same hairstyles, these are the usual things that mummies look forward to with their daughters! In this series, we give you some suggestions on what mummies can do with their daughters for a fun and knitted bond!


 1.  Play dress-up with her

Dressing up in mummy's clothes is a way for your daughter to get closer to you.  She will love to role-play pretending to be an adult as she tries on your collection of tops, skirts and dresses.  She can understand how your day is like too, like a worker in the day, and a housewife in the evening. Play with your accessories by mixing and matching different styles together.  Take this chance to teach her some dress sense! Oh, and how about some mummy daughter suits? We saw some really nice ones from JumpEatCry!




2.  Dance, sing and get silly

This is a sure way to get close while opening up with your daughter.  Put some lively music on and get cranking! Start bobbing up and down, clap your hands and move to the beat.  Letting down your guard and comfort zone will open yourself up to closer ties with your daughter and she will, in turn, feel more physically and emotionally comfortable to be herself around you. Is she attending dance classes? Get her to teach you!



3.  Read a book to her

Take some quiet time to focus on your daughter alone by reading her a story.  Let her sit on your lap or in your arms and sit cozy together as you read to her. Take the time to let her talk about the characters, pictures and plot with you and listen carefully when she speaks.  Make reading a special event and take her to regular trips to the public library or bookstore to choose the next book you wish to read together. Find out more on How to Get Your Child to Love Reading.


4.  Take her swimming

Swimming is a great way to form a connection with your daughter from a young age.  She will gain trust in you as you guide her through her early stages of learning to float and holding her breath.  Take her to a baby pool or beach and sit with her, flapping the water and allowing her to feel the refreshing water on her skin.  Talk with her in a cheerful and relaxing manner so that she will feel safe.  If she's comfortable, let her get her face wet. Oh, have you gotten your ActiveSG account yet? Make good use of it with the special feature pools for kids! Located at Sengkang Swimming Complex, Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex, Jurong East Swimming Complex, Jurong West Swimming Complex and Pasir Ris Swimming Complex!



5.   Go out for ice cream or yogurt

Make it a date with her, just the two of you. Get in the car, take your bikes or walk to your favorite ice cream or yogurt shop.   Order a delicious treat for yourselves.  Take the time to choose from the selection of different toppings.  Try a few new ones and splurge those you love. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon together! Many choices available, ranging from the latest llao llao crave to the evergreen udders ice-cream! Better yet, DIY baking edible yummy dough!

Whatever activities you choose to do with your daughter, be sure to show her love and affection. Now, how about Activities for Daddy and Son


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