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Activities for Daddy and Son

Continuing from our earlier article on 5 Activities for Mummy and Daughter, we look at the boys now! As the saying goes, a chip of the old block, a father's influence on his son is one of the most important aspects in a young boy's life as he grows and develops. It is easy for the mummies to see when they spot similar behavior patterns! Generally, boy are more attracted to outdoor stuff, or so it seems to be for the stereotypes. What options are there?


1.  Play video games together

Whether it's racing cars together, slinging birds or practicing skills in virtual football, you and your son can enjoy some exciting and challenging time in the safety and comfort of your own home.  This will give you some good one-on-one time together and you will feel like a kid again, while allowing your son to have a great time with you and feel close. Thinking of somewhere outside without having to tidy up the place? Try Play Nation! Conveniently located in town that serves affordable meals too!

Source: Play Nation official site


2.  Go Hiking

Spend the day together or take a weekend camping trip and enjoy some time alone with your son.  You will have a chance to teach him how to set up a tent or rig a fishing line, while roughing it out in the wild. Speaking of which, there are many outdoor places to explore besides the usual park connectors! Think of the Sengkang Riverside Park and the Kranji Farms! Check out the 12 Secret Attractions in Singapore to bring your Kids that are Free!

 Source: Cheekiemonkie on Sembawang Hot Spring


3.  Go Kite Flying

Thinking of something thrilling and fast-paced? Don’t underestimate the kites. It might take you a long time to get it started! Other than the usually crowded Marina Barrage, there are many neighbourhood options recommended by Passion Kites!


Source: Passion Kites website


4. Cook together

Look at the executive chefs around us. No mistake that most of them are men! Boys, cooking is no longer a girl thing anymore. There are lots of options on cooking class for kids in Singapore.  Find out more from Honeykidsasia on the list of cooking classes for the mini-chefs wannabes!

Source: Cheekiemonkies


5.  Play badminton

A fuss-free way to bond through exercise without renting the whole soccer ball field! A popular and childhood sport, there are many options for badminton halls that are in your neighbourhoods. For the budding badminton enthusiasts, the Singapore Badminton Association offers competitions for kids in various categories up to 16 years old.


Whatever activities you choose to do with your son, be sure to show him love and affection. Now, how about Activities for Mummy and Daughter

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