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Brain food for kids… during exams and beyond!

The crunch time is nearing and even though the kids are the ones who are sitting for the various papers, parents go through examinations pangs of anxiety too! From drawing up timetables for revision to chauffeuring kids to tuitions, a parent’s job is never done … till the results are in, quite literally!

Apart from stocking up on chicken essence and other herbal and health drinks, let’s explore other healthy food that might help your children not just during the exam period, but also throughout their lives.



These tiny nuts pack a whole lot of benefits in them! They contain protein which improves cognitive functions – in other words, they are really good for the brain! With vitamins B6 and E in them, almonds also promote brain health and slows down the ageing of brain cells that are related to memory. Get your kids to munch on a handful of almonds each day and let them reap the benefits!


Research has shown that blueberries protect the brain from stress and also improve the brain’s learning capacity. The vitamins and minerals found in this fruit also lowers blood pressure.


The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon acts as a protective layer for the different parts of your brain. When this layer thins, the brain is more vulnerable to injury, disease and a decrease in brain capabilities. Salmon has plenty of other benefits, like protecting your eyes and reducing the risk of depression.


This leafy vegetable has been getting popular over the past few years and not without good reasons! Rich in omega-3 and a handful of vitamins and minerals, it not only promotes brain cells to be stronger and tougher but is also good for the bones!


Although it is debatable whether eggs are healthy due to its high fat content, eating it in moderation is really beneficial. Eggs contains choline, a nutrient which helps memory and brain functions.  While it’s not advisable to consume eggs every day, you can simply balance your child’s daily cholesterol intake by alternating between food that are higher in fat contents.


Gaining some popularity over the years, avocados are rich in oleic acid which plays a role in helping information to travel from the brain to the other parts of the body. Avocados also contain good fats, which protects the brain. Think of it like wearing a thick and warm cardigan on a cold day!


Packed with folate; a vitamin that improves brain power, lentils also decrease the levels of amino acids that weaken the functioning of the brain. On top of that, lentils contain iron which helps in the quick information processing in the brain.


Probably the most important item on this list; water – which is most often taken for granted due to being so readily available. Without enough hydration, the brain is unable to function up to its capacity. When we are dehydrated, we run into a host of problems like the ability to focus, emotional instability, mental clarity and so on.


Today we’ve shared a few food that are good for the brain. The list does not end here though. There are definitely more food that have plenty of benefits, especially for a growing child. With that being said, anything in moderation is ideal and perhaps you could share some of the food you feel are beneficial for your children … after all, parents know best!

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