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Our (and many parents’) Favourite Preschool Practice Books!

Looking for practice books for your preschooler? No worries, let us, and other parents, to figure it out for you. We have carefully sorted them out and you decide what your child is interested to do!

Assessment books are for academic preparations while preschoolers need Practice Books- books to introduce them the regime of doing work so they can cope when they enter Primary One. It is important not to frighten them. But fret not, there are some practice books that are are so fun, your precious one might not know he/she is actually learning!

1)  Parent-Child or Activities



2)  Life Skills, Social, Emotional



3)  Phonics - Speaking, Reading And Spelling



4)  Word Bank



5)  Writing Skills



6) Logic & General Knowledge

There are many ways to have your child to start practising away. It is important to know it is not just about how many pages your child completes but the process and what he/she has learnt. Consider choosing books with activities that you and your child can engage in!

Have Fun!


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