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Things P1 Parents Regretted Not Preparing Their Child Enough

We asked some Primary One parents to share their experience of their child’s first year in primary school. To our surprise, we didn’t hear how tedious Mathematics is and neither how challenging Spelling is! Here are some pointers and tips these parents wished they had done earlier or more to prepare their child for Primary One.


1. Money, money, money

Having the right concept of money is key in cultivating habits of saving up or overspending. At the bookshop – to buy, or not to buy. When buying, enough or not enough. Time for you to involve the little one in supermarket shopping!

Oh yes, don’t forget about differentiating notes and coins!


2. Sleeping Early & Waking Up on Time

Start tuning your child’s bioclock to wake up on time for school. Remember to factor in time to put on uniform and have a nutritious breakfast before school!


3. Making Decisions

Introduce the idea of making decision at home. When school starts, students only have 20-30 minutes recess time and that includes: running to the toilet, (deciding what to eat) , queuing for food and finishing up the food. So do you think there is enough time?


4. Coming Forward and Speaking Up

Ever heard Pee in the Pants ? You certainly do not want that happening! Let your child know how and when he or she can ask for permission to go to the toilet.


5. English VS Mother Tongue

You should have heard from other parents how their child is speaking more English than their Mother Tongue or if students do not enjoy learning Mother Tongue. You can consider introducing Mother Tongue storybooks with graphics just as attractive as storybooks written in English. Singing songs is also another way to pick up introductory vocabulary.


6. PLAY !

There may be homework when your child enters P1. There may also be days that schools have activities that end late and the day becomes very long and tiring for your child. Then there is less time for play and day out. So…. become the primary school journey begins, consider spending more time out playing and under the sun with your little one!


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