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Exam Buddy Elementary Mathematics Sec 2 (2020 Edition) Topic 2: Direct & Inverse Proportions


Exam Buddy is BACK by popular demand! :)

This time in PDF copy & TOPIC-by-topic!

The first 9 pages of this Topic are shown as a preview to this set of notes.

39 pages.


Exam Buddy is a series of Mathematics Note Books with Practice Questions written based on the GCE 'O' Levels Mathematics Syllabus.


This book...

  • is written specially in students' lingo,
  • targets students' weaknesses,
  • contains important FORMULAE and easy-to-understand problem solving methods that make Mathematics EASY to LEARN.
  • All examples have STEP-BY-STEP explanation that aids independent learning.
  • Covers a WIDE RANGE of questions. From fundamental concepts to challenging questions (often seen in the school exams and the 'O' Level exams).


Ms Huang's Advice:

Students are reminded to...

  • start revising with basic examples & move on to the more challenging examples PROGRESSIVELY,
  • MEMORISE all formulae,
  • UNDERSTAND & REMEMBER the step-by-step solutions,
  • study, understand & re-do all the examples in each sub-topic before attempting the Practice Questions.


About the Author:

  • Ms Huang Huiqun
  • Experienced School Teacher
  • BSc (Applied Mathematics & Statistic)
  • PGDE (Sec/JC)
  • 9088 5374