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Farm Stickabouts


No Mess. No Damage. Use again. Sticks anywhere!

Learn about farm! Tractors, horses, pigs, hay, wheelbarrows, chickens, ploughing and more!


Children can let their imaginations run wild and enjoy hours of fun with the new Stickabouts range. Designed to encourage creativity, each set comes complete with a themed play scene to set the scene and glue-free, character stickers that they can use to create their own stories on the scenes or placed on smooth surface around the house.

Good for decoration + story-telling!


Key Features:

  • No hassle of trying to remove residue that you get with conventional stickers.
  • Being glue-free makes them a perfect travel toy
  • Can be wiped with water and reused as many times as your children like.
  • Stick them to the bath, fridge, floor, doors, bedroom furniture, or anywhere else with a smooth surface
  • Quickly and conveniently remove them leaving no residue.
  • Stickabouts are longlasting and provide endless play opportunities for younger children who enjoy storytelling or just decorating.

Includes 36 sticker pieces + board

Ages 3 - 7

Dimensions: 45 x 25 cm 

Note: Storyboard is not water-proof material.

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