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Magnetic Our Week


New & Exclusive in Singapore!

Good way to plan to plan your activities or as a family!

Life can often get quite hectic, and that's why we've designed the Our Week magnetic planner. This handy tool will be used as a personal scheduler and help the entire family co-ordinate events and activities and can be easily customised to accommodate family member names, days of the week and activities. 

Suggested Uses:

  1. Personal Use: Tasks list for each day!
  2. Family Use: Write the month, dates for the week and move the “Today is” marker. Each member of the family chooses their own animal icon ( fish, dog, monkey, butterfly or cat) and writes their name next to their chosen animal. 

Every piece can be written with whiteboard marker. You write your activities for the week on the pieces .There are even special places for activities that you do daily.

At the start of each week, simply keep the continuing activities on the board and remove or add others.

Wonderful organiser for families and children who love to see at a glance what is going on and helps answer those repeated questions children ask.


Suitable for:

Age: 3+ (31 x 35 cm, Pieces: 86)

Price includes normal postage :)


Model: T-2742

ISBN T-2742
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