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Conquer Mathematics Measurements - Volume - Time - Money Book 3


Conquer Mathematics Measurements • Volume • Time • Money Book 3 is specially designed to equip students with basic skills to solve questions involving geometry, area and perimeter and bar graphs.

This book comprises 100 exercises that consist of multiple-choice and shortanswer questions. The exercises are diagnostic in nature, and the worked solutions will help students understand where they have committed careless mistakes. Students who work through the series of extensive exercises will be able to understand the concepts easily.

Revision exercises are included for extra practice. Answers are provided for easyself-assessment. The pages of the book are perforated so that each exercise can be easily detached and used as a worksheet for classroom and/or home learning. In addition, teachers and students can choose the exercises to work on, or as a resource for enrichment work to complement the textbook.

The exercises will help students to develop mathematical proficiency. This book will be useful to all students keen on acquiring and building essential foundation skills in mathematics. 

ISBN : 9789814453875

Number of pages: 184


ISBN - 9789814453875
No. of Pages - 184
Author Tan Yuwen 
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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