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PSLE Foundation Maths Guide


PSLE Foundation Mathematics Guide serve as a companion for pupils in Primary 5 and Primary 6 to help them tackle PSLE Foundation Maths examination with ease. Important Formulae are listed with helpful worked examples to guide pupils to solve questions systematically. Practices consist of Paper 1 and Paper 2 and aims for pupils to be exposed questions of different format for the same mathematical concept.


  • Topical-based practice book
  • Each unit starts with Learning Outcome and detailed Revision notes
  • Each unit has with 3 sections for Sections A,B and C of the actual exam paper
  • Section has worked examples before practice questions
  • Includes model PSLE questions in each unit


  • Very comprehensive book with detailed examples and good number of practice questions
  •  Parents can use learning outcomes to ensure student has grasped the full unit
  • Students can read worked examples before starting each section


ISBN : 9789813127753

Number of Pages: 184


ISBN EPH 9789813127753
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