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Add-Venture Learning

Add-venture Learning Pte Ltd, incorporated in February 2009, publishes the +venture in Maths! and Add-venture Learning (U) Pte Ltd, the +venture in Solving Math Problems for primary school pupils.  These publications aim to nurture a child’s love for mathematics and to make the learning of mathematics fun and meaningful.  This is in line with the company’s VISION of Making Learning Maths a +ve (positive) adventure.


Add-venture Services Pte Ltd, incorporated in June 2012, provides support to Singapore schools’ mathematics programmes.  This is the professional arm of the company that will provide in-depth training for school teachers. The use of the publications +venture in Maths! and +venture in Solving Math Problems would be further supported by activities provided through these workshops for teachers and activities for pupils.  This is in line with the company’s BELIEF that Teaching Mathematics can be fun and rigorous!


The Writers

Dr Rosalind Phang BSc (Hons, 1st Class), MSc, PhD (University of Manchester)

Dr Phang is a statistician by training and has taught mathematics and statistics at NUS and NIE/NTU for more than 20 years.  She has trained mathematics teachers with a special focus on making mathematics content relevant for teachers.  She is also a consultant for banks and other statutory boards.  She founded Add-venture Learning and writes the +venture in Maths! series with the belief that the learning of mathematics should be fun and meaningful for children.  

Dr Tang Wee Kee BSc(Hons) (National University of Singapore), PhD (University of Alberta), DipTHE (NIE/NTU)

Dr Tang is a mathematician and mathematics educator who has trained many teachers at NIE/NTU for more than 10 years. He lectures at NTU in the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and publishes widely in the field of Analysis.  He is an inspiring teacher and was awarded a teaching commendation by NIE in 2007.  He is the co-founder of Add-venture Learning and co-writes the +venture in Maths! Series with Dr Phang.