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6 Enrichment Centres for Singapore Kids focused on Chinese Language

We remember that besides enrichment classes for English Language which we previously introduced under 6 Enrichment Centres for Singapore Kids focused on English Language, there are also enrichment classes specially meant for the Chinese Language. Likewise, we have done a scan and highlight interesting things about the programmes. Oh yes, the most interesting discovery is that not all Chinese language enrichment centres have a Chinese name! Here, we present you with a few to get you started on the array of choices available!


1. Chengzhu Mandarin Centre 成竹华语中心

Located at Rochester Mall, the centre for Chinese Language belongs to Julia Gabriel Education. Chengzhu covers a range of programmes all the way from 6-month olds! Focusing on the Chinese culture, the programmes feature activities like Chinese Orchestra, paper cutting and traditional Chinese dances.


2. Kidstartnow

Credits to Owls Well (https://owlswellblog.wordpress.com/)

With two centres in the east at Upper Changi Road and CT Hub, Kidstartnow has an interesting blog site to teach kids special Chinese phrases for festive holidays. Focused on the nursery to P1 students from English speaking families, the programmes are designed using animated story books to sustain interest. What is most interesting is that kids get to earn digital coins while learning!


3. Apple Pie

Located in the west at Unity Centre, Apple Pie has a focus on theatre performance. Programmes are available for kids starting from the age of three up to twelve year olds. Pick up the Chinese language through theatre role-playing. Not only do you get to speak the language, the kids learn to express themselves better too!


4. Berries 百力果

With close to 20 centres islandwide, Berries is probably a common household name that teaches authentic Chinese language. Classes start from nursery levels that focus on multi-sensory development activities ranging from the basics of writing strokes to oral skills. Primary classes are designed according the MOE curriculum and covers essentials like Hanyu Pinyin, not forgetting the bit of fun that is injected using Berries’ unique teaching methodology.


5. Tien Hsia Language School 天下语文学校

A long standing brand name since 1989 with 10 centres located strategically islandwide, Tien Hsia is a familiar name to many. The centre takes pride in being the Chinese specialists and covers a broad range of programmes from aged 3 to 16. Programmes are aligned to the new MOE curriculum and the centre even published the list of top scorers who got A/A* for PSLE Chinese!


6. Skylace Language School 天磊文化企业

Another long standing brand name that has been around since 1989, Skylace currently has 5 centres islandwide, with the new branch at Bukit Batok. Classes start as early as 24 months right up to Secondary 4. Focused on the essentials and letting kids learn through play, the centre develops its own learning aids such as word recognition flash cards and language games. Be sure to visit their blog for some exemplary composition done by their students and pick out some tips!

 * Credits of all images back to the various centres’ official page. 


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