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6 Enrichment Centres for Singapore Kids focused on English Language

We frequently hear of many enrichment centres, some more often than others, especially those that have many centres under an established brand name. Ever wondered what is different among each of them? Well, for sure, they are doing good otherwise they would not be able to survive in the competitive industry! Here, we start off with a few familiar names for enrichment centres that deal mainly with the English language for the young to provide a flavour of what each of the centres focuses on.

It is not easy to teach the language, but our enrichment centres have made it very interesting to learn through educational games and stories for children. Some of them use role-play to teach creative writing, while others take a structured approach from phonics to understanding the language. As parents, we can do our part through bedtime stories for children! Find out more from How To Get Your Child to Love Reading.


1. I Can Read

With more than 15 centres islandwide, you know the centre has a structured methodology. From vocabulary to phonics and creative writing. Classes are available for kids from 2.5 years old.


2. L Central

Features foundation programmes for literacy development with critical thinking and creative arts activities. Creative writing programmes available. Some of the programmes are in line with MOE curriculum and incorporates values-based education.


3. MindChamps

Reading and writing programmes through a set of methodology that generates interest in kids to have the desire to read progressing to phonics and meaning making to master the English language. Complimentary Workshop and Complimentary Child Coaching sessions available for booking on its website.


4. ZooPhonics

Adopts whole brain kinaesthetic development method to teaching phonics and reading. Enrichment programmes to broaden world view of child. Programmes start as early as 18 months for toddlers.


5. Julia Gabriel

Credits to https://thenewageparents.com/

Features reading and writing programmes in interesting ways through Speech and drama class ranging from mime, puppetry, role-play, masks and story telling. Start to appreciate the beauty of literature from a young age.


6. iCreative

Features foundation programmes starting from the age of 3. Strong involvement from parents in the process to develop winning kids.


* Credits of all images back to the various centres' official website / Facebook page, unless otherwise stated.

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