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List of Commonly Subscribed Children Enrichment Magazines

 Credits of all pictures and content to the respective publishers and distributors


It’s the start of the school term where everyone is gearing up for the new term. Have you been receiving pamphlets from your kids asking for renewed subscription fees for enrichment magazines? Wondering what they are for, and not sure if they are relevant?


Benefits of Children Magazines

Many children magazines provides content beyond curriculum. There are endless possibilities:

  1. Growing to love reading: For impatient children who do not like reading storybooks, magazines are good alternatives as the short articles can make reading less intimidating. Coupled with colourful illustrations, children can have a fun time reading!
  2. Going beyond classroom: Expose your child beyond the subjects taught in school. Discover and learn more outside home, class and country. Some magazines discuss current global affairs yet written and presented to readers in ways that are easy to comprehend and keep the curious minds interested!
  3. Supplementing school learning: Some magazines present school curriculum in interactive ways like quizzes, comics or games.

We present to you a list of commonly seen enrichment magazines that primary school children subscribe to.



1. "i" Magazine 

 In our recent PSLE event, many parents agreed with us that exposing their child to current affairs is important yet often getting their child interested in reading newspapers is a challenge. We specially recommend this series, with content targeted at each age group:



"i" Magazine (P4-P6 / 10-12 years old) - Good for children exploring English a little more and understanding themselves more through the section  "Growing Pains" . Also comes with brainteasers, SEL questions & word bank! 4 issues a year.

"Inspire" Magazine (P5 onwards / 11-14 years old) - articles that include a variety of themes and genres, and a dedicated section on language games. Through a diverse range of content and styles as well as engaging language games, each issue of INSPIRE aims to widen the young readers’ knowledge, expose them to different writing styles and text types, expand their vocabulary as well as sharpen their language skills.

"iThink" Magazine (Sec 2 - Sec 4 / 14-16 years old) - iTHINK was nominated Best Educational Title in 2016 by Singapore Book Awards 2016. Focus on critical thinking and follows MOE English syllabus. 5 issues a year.


2. News Bites

News BITES fuels children with up-to-date current events. Without News, we will be vulnerable and narrow-minded – we wouldn’t know what is happening in other parts of the country or world. Knowing about our world keeps us connected and allows us to progress!

Authentic and Real News - Current Affairs - World news, Big news, your Neighbours’ news, Animals’ news, Comic strips, Life style, Sport, Movies, Puzzles, Engineering and the Most Wanted News - the Weird or Strange News! And…many more topics!


3. STEAM Explorer & Matters

STEAM Explorer : 4-8 years old
STEAM Matters: 9-12 years old

Each issue is packed with a broad variety of topics, striking images and stories, as well as interactive activities and quizzes! Aimed to give young learners a head start in school and life. Cognitive and critical-thinking skills take centre stage as they are introduced to engaging information interspersed with knowledge and topics which are already hovering within their curious minds.


4. Science Adventures [Digest + Connect]

A Science magazine in fully illustrated in comic strips and colours that will arouse children’s curiosity and widen their view of the world around them. 10 issues a year. Looking for something to  supplement Science concepts taught in textbooks? Consider Science Adventures!

Better conform with Singapore School syllabus,  Energy, Interaction, Diversity, System and Cycle,  Science Adventures -CONNECT also incorporates Global Education , STEM, that is Science,  Technology, Engineering , Maths. 


5. Think+  Science [Age 12 & Above] 

  • Think+ Science
  • Is in line with MOE educational outcome for secondary school students
  • Help students keep abreast of world affairs
  • Develop critical thinking on humanities subject
  • Create curiosity about current events


6. Storytime [Age 7-10] 

Comes with stories, fairy tales, myths, poems,  puzzles and many activities! Engaging magazine to keep your child busy! 6 issues a year.


7. National Geographic

We are almost tired of hearing good feedback from parents that their little ones are in love with National Geographic!

National Geographic Little Kids [Ages 3 to 6]
National Geographic Kids 
[Ages 7 to 12]

Read about natural habitats from all over the world. Articles and fun facts are presented in a cheery style. Magazine includes weird facts and cool games in every issue. 6 and 10 issues respectively a year.


8. Story Box [Ages 6 – 8]

StoryBox  [Ages 6-8]
Adventure Box [Ages 8 – 10]
Discovery Box [Ages 9 – 12]

POPULAR CHOICE! Originated from the UK, this reading resource includes stories that cover a wide range of genres and topics. The content and activities are informative and useful in building skills like literacy and numerical skills. 10 issues a year.


9. +Venture in Maths [P1-P6] 

Mathematics magazine based on MOE syllabus that includes innovative learning techniques through many activities. Suitable to help children get interested in the subject and pick up related concepts. 16 issues a year.


10. Young Scientists

Junior Young Scientists  [Preschool] , available Packs 1-12
Young Scientists Level 1 [P1 & P2]
Young Scientists Level 2 [P3 & P4]
Young Scientists Level 3 [P5 & P6]
Young Scientists Level 4 [Lower Sec]

Science magazine that explains Science concepts with highest standard of colourful animation in comic industry. Includes Lower and Upper Block of latest Primary Science syllabus. 10 issues a year.


11. What’s Up

Award winning monthly newspaper, started by two educators, designed as a resource to teach English and other subjects. It covers the kinds of news found in adult newspapers - world affairs, business, the arts, sports, entertainment and so on - presented in a way that's comprehensible and compelling for young readers. 10 issues a year.


12. 好朋友| 知识画报 | 知识报 

好朋友 [ P1 & P2]
知识画报 [P3 & P4]
知识报 [P5 & P6]

A Chinese publication that follows the Primary Chinese syllabus including practice questions of examination format. It is useful as a supplementary resource to textbooks and for self-learning or revision. 35 issues a year.


13. Treasure Box 宝贝盒子 Our Earth 玩转地球

Originating from France, Treasure BOX is recommended by professors and researchers of Children Literature and Natural Sciences from France, China and Singapore.

Our Earth 玩转地球 is a lively and informative publication originating from Bayard Presse. Bringing young readers into the exploration of Mother Nature all over the world and throughout history, there is awe and wonderment within every page. 


14. 小拇指 Thumbs Up

小小拇指 [PreSchoolers]
[P1 & P2]

大拇指 [P3- P6]

A colourful Chinese newspaper that aims to enhance the use of the language through news and lively stories. Rich illustrations and content makes the learning a fun and lively experience. This is a bi-weekly publication.


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