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Learning Chinese Through Stories Nursery


This series is written with the aim of cultivating preschoolers' interest in reading. Each book contains 30 stories with colourful illustrations. There are two activities after each story to complement what is being taught.

The stories in the book are specially crafted to develop early literacy skills in preschoolers, so that they can learn to read and make meaning of texts. Through reading the stories, they can improve their comprehension skills by understanding the actions of the characters as well as the events in the story and will gradually cultivate an interest in books and reading Chinese.

The stories revolve around preschoolers' daily life. They are educational and instill moral values. Parents and teachers can inculcate and nurture goods habits in pupils while using this series. 

《看故事学华文》 这套书共有三册, 每一册针对不同年龄的学童编写了30个趣味小故事。 每一个故事都配有精美的彩色图画,以激发学童的阅读兴趣。 小故事内容贴近学童的生活,主题思想具有教育性,体现正确的价值观。这不但能培养他们形成良好的语言习惯,还能帮助他们认识新的华文词汇,并正确使用词语和句型,从而提高他们的华文识字能力。

ISBN: 9789814850926

ISBN 9789814850926
No. of Pages 128
Author 陆宇乐
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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