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Primary Chinese Graded Writing Series (Intermediate) 阶梯作文-初级 2E


This series adopts a progressive and systematic approach to guide pupils in mastering writing techniques.

Features of the series: 
• The Basic book uses fun, lively and purposeful lessons to stimulate pupils’ creativity and yearning for knowledge. 
• The Intermediate and Advanced books explain the basic methods of literary composition and their application in writing.
• The Advanced book also includes a section on idioms to equip pupils with more vocabulary.

• 以循序渐进的方式,系统性教导学生掌握写作方法与技巧,打好写作的基础。
• 着重生活化的教学内容,重要而常用的句型演练词性介绍,及精彩的范文导读与题型设计。
• 绘制关系图,分析文章结构,系统讲解开头、六何等各项写作技巧,并介绍常用成语与俗谚。

• 图文设计新颖独特,贴近学生的生活,配合当今的话题。
• 作文指导按部就班,详细清楚,注重初级、中级、高级各阶段的衔接,有连贯性,为老师教学与学生自学提供便利。
• 每册的作文指导均提供各类型佳句,由易到难,学生可根据自己的程度进行选择。


ISBN: 9789814684200

No of Pages:  170
Author: Shi Bin

ISBN MC 9789814684200
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