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FAN-Math Education

Established in 1999, FAN-Math Education (former name: FAN Learning) has been a leading Singapore Mathematics Specialist focused on publishing high quality, innovative educational materials and conducting math enrichment programs in government and private schools.

Our mission is to provide children with the tools to overcome their fears in learning mathematics and ultimately achieve excellence in the subject area. Marked improvements are witnessed by parents as well as educators in the children’s mathematically aptitude after using our products and services.

The founder director of FAN-Math Education, Li Fanglan ('Top 10 Math' Writer, Family Magazine, Singapore) has more than 20 years of teaching and writing experience in primary, secondary and tertiary institution in Singapore, Australia and China. Being an award-winning teacher cum maths specialist, she has conducted mathematics workshops for teachers and parents in many schools. There are numerous publications to her credit.

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Challenging P5
Challenging P1
Mock Papers P6
Notes / Topical P5
Notes / Topical P4
Notes / Topical P2
Notes / Topical P3
Models & Strategies P5 P6
Models & Strategies P2
Models & Strategies P1
Models & Strategies P6
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